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Domain Registry of America

Post by Customer_Support » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:12 pm

A large number of customers are reporting receiving deceptive renewal notices from The Domain Registry of America.

Domain Registry of America (DRoA) are not connected to @UK PLC in any way. They get your information from the Whois database, which ICANN requires us to publish your contact information, as it allows people to contact you regarding any issues with your domain name. Unfortunately, it also allows unscrupulous companies like DRoA to get your contact information.

If you respond to the notice DRoA will attempt to transfer administration of your domain name to themselves. @UK PLC automatically enables the "Registrar Lock" on all COM/NET/ORG/BIZ/INFO domains on our database. There is no additional cost for this, it is a standard feature of all domain packages here.

Any attempt to transfer the domain away will fail until that lock is cleared, and it can only be cleared by clicking on the Transfer Out button in your Domain Control Panel.

DRoA charges much more for domains, $50 for a two year registration versus our price of £8.99.

If you receive a letter from DRoA, we recommend you throw it away.

If your domain name is registered through @UK PLC we will send you renewal notices by email which will be clearly marked as having come from us. These emails contain a link to the renewal page.

Here is a sample DRoA letter

What To Do If You Have Already Paid

If you have already remitted fees to DRoA, you must explicitly deny the ensuing transfer request or the transfer will go through.

Once you have denied the transfer request, or the transfer request has failed because of the registrar lock demand your money back.

If you have paid by Credit Card contact them immediately.

If they refuse your refund request, contact your Trading Standards Office or even your local police.

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