How to Transfer a Domain ( Only)

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How to Transfer a Domain ( Only)

Post by Customer_Support » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:07 am

To transfer your domain names please follow the details below:

1) Login to your account page (please go to the UK PLC website ( There will be a green customer login tab at the top of the screen
2) Select 'Next' on a Control Centre login and enter your username and password.
3) Click on "LOGIN" it will take you into the Control Centre.
4) In the Eservices section of the page click on "My Domain Names" link
5) In the Domain Name Director Page, find the domain you wish to transfer out

PLEASE NOTE: We advise you to change the name server to the new service provider before you click the transfer out button as it can not be done after.

6) Click on the "Transfer Out" button to the right of the domain name
7) Enter the IPS-TAG of the new administrator and "Confirm Transfer Out"
8) Once through the checkout, the change will be submitted to the registrar.

PLEASE NOTE: Once submitted we will no longer be the administrator for your domain and you will have to contact the company you have selected as your administrator for any assistance. Any services you are running using the domain (website or email) may be disrupted.

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