How to purchase a domain

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How to purchase a domain

Post by Customer_Support » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:45 pm

To purchase a domain, please follow the instructions below:

1) Go to
2) Enter the domain name you wish to purchase in the search field and click the Search button
3) This will check to see if the domain is available for purchase and list any that are available at the top of the screen. Any Domains displayed in the “Active Domain Names” section at the bottom of the screen is already registered, therefore not available.
4) Place a tick against the domain name(s) you wish to purchase and click the “Purchase Ticked Domains” button
5) This will take you through the basket and checkout process. If you have an @UK PLc account please enter the relevant username an password otherwise please create an account to hold your domain name.
6) Once the Complete Order button has been clicked, you will be asked to filling in identifying details required for registration.


* If you fill in any of the information in the wrong fields it will delay registration.
* If the domain is being purchased by a company, please fill in the company name and registration number. This will ensure the company not the individual is the registered owner.
* If you are purchasing a LTD.CO.UK or PLC.CO.UK you MUST enter company name and number information or purchase of the domain will be delayed.
All domain registrations are for a minimum two year period unless otherwise stated.

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